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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Producers & Consumers

Is it any surprise that the middle class rejects Democrats? It shouldn't be. Intelligent people are on to the fact that -- whatever their rhetoric -- the parties have become divided, not between the rich and the poor, but largely between "producers" and "consumers."

Producers -- people who pay more in taxes than they consume in government services -- are, of course, going to be reluctant to finance the ever-expanding public sector in accordance with the wishes of Democratic politicians. The consumers -- designated as such either because, (1) like the Hollywood elite, they are able to make lots of money and do lots of buying with relatively minimal amounts of pretty pleasant work or (2) they use more government services than they pay for in taxes -- have no problem with government controlling more and more (and taxing ordinary people to pay for it).

The middle class is composed of "producers." I.e., Republicans. No surprise there.


Blogger David said...

It seems more and more (and even more—heh—as the Republican puppies in the Senate forllow Democrat lead dogs) that the primary purpose of our government is becoming "take from those who produce and give to... government employees, who are largely the MOST unproductive class of "workers" in the country.

Exception: the military is the only subclass of government workers still able to boast a higher percentage of government employees who actually contribute something of value than those who do not. Waste, slackers, useless functionaries and cheats there, too? Of course, but not in the overwhelming numbers found everywhere else the government extends.

And viewing Congress (and especially the Senate), _sometimes_ (rarely and fleetingly) anarchism begins to have an appeal...


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