Carol Platt Liebau

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Once again, the Democrats seem to be more concerned about the comfort of terrorists than the safety of Americans, and thus are intent on bringing the discussion of torture that dominated the Gonzalez hearings into hearings on Michael Chertoff, as discussed here.

How broad the definition of torture should be is open to question -- certainly, it should be defined no more narrowly than in an early memo putting off limits only activity likely to result in death or organ failure. It may well be that torture should be defined much more broadly.

But by continuing to flog this horse, Democrats seem more concerned about US activities than the terrorists'. And perhaps Arlen Specter said it best when a couple of windbags were testifying against Judge Gonzalez: If we could have prevented 9/11 by the use of a little torture, would that have been wrong?

It would be interesting an interesting question to ask of the Dems trying to stir up a ruckus over the Chertoff nomination.


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