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Monday, January 24, 2005

"Blog" by Hugh Hewitt - A "Must-Read"

It has been more difficult to locate a copy of Hugh Hewitt's new book BLOG where I live than to find a liberal in Harvard's faculty lounge. (This [very] little joke came to me last week as I sat on hold with my third local bookstore).

But persistence and finally paid off -- and how! If you're seeking to understand the impact (past and future) of web logs, want to explain the phenomenon to someone else, or even hope to inspire a potential blogger to get to work, this book is for you.

Radio talk show host and author Hugh Hewitt is the Godfather of the Blogosphere, and its most articulate proponent (this site, in fact, owes its very existence to his repeated urging). But BLOG is more than simple cheerleading for the act of blogging; it is a well-reasoned and comprehensive brief on the blogosphere's behalf.

Part I sets the blogging phenomenon in both political and historical context, ranging from an explanation of its centrality in the 2004 election to its place as a direct descendent of the movable-type printing press. Part II explains the significance of the blogosphere's rise -- in particular its threat to the "information monopoly" long enjoyed (and abused) by the mainstream media. Part III sets forth the advantages of blogging and the potential for the blogosphere's expansion as a tool and a resource not just for politico-writers, but for governmental and business types, as well.

And BLOG is more than theoretical advocacy on behalf of the blogosphere; for those who have been persuaded to begin blogging, it also provides helpful hints on how to get started. The book has relevance even for extant bloggers; it answered my question (oft asked by my wonderful correspondents, as well) about why I find my blog so rarely cited throughout the rest of the blogosphere. Apparently, I haven't been adequately alerting other bloggers when I discuss their work (so get ready, everyone!).

BLOG is a fine book by a fine man. Order a few -- one to read, a couple to distribute, right here.


Blogger M. Milne said...

Congrats... the man threw you a bone. I'll add you to my list.

Must get blog and see if I'm doing it right!!

To me the Blogosphere is news taken to the 1st person.

It was the "I was a typewriter salesman in 1972", "I created the font in 198?", "I typed it in Word and it was a perfect match", "I was with John Kerry Christmas and we weren't in Cambodia.", "I'm in Iraq and this is what I see." etc. that trumped MSM.

"I" has a lot more credibility than any third person account can bring to the table.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Tom Grey said...

Nice review; I hope to get the book sometime.

But your commenter was right about how "I" trumps the reporter "third person".
Jay Rosen at PressThink is working on this; as is Jeff Jarvis at buzzmachine, and many others.

What struck me was that the blog is an honest "I", while too many reporters have an only half honest "I..." (talked with somebody who said).

7:31 PM  

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