Carol Platt Liebau

Friday, January 28, 2005

Some excellent advice for Democrats in The Wall Street Journal. But it's hard to see them taking it.

The problem is that too many of them played into the "Bush is Evil" theme in order to try to rally their base and win in 2004. Now, not only do they risk looking hypocritical by changing (something that often doesn't worry politicians), but they have the problem of cognitive dissonance. In a sense, many of them actually worked themselves into a belief that there were lies, in order to feel justified in whipping up their base as they did. Now that they've made themselves believe it, it's hard to "unring the bell" as it were. After all, how would you justify helping or working with a President that you've essentially called a liar, a warmonger and stupid?

I won't be blogging again until tomorrow afternoon.


Blogger jchess said...

I heard part of the conversation between Senator Zell Miller and Sean Hannity today, and realized something important: If the Democrats wanted to regain higher office they would be using him (I believe that is the appropriate term) as a historical reference.

The fact they are ignoring him says much about the lack of direction they have at the moment.

James C. Hess

5:10 PM  

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