Carol Platt Liebau

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

How interesting. It appears that California's liberals want to enjoy the warm glow of upholding their pro-abortion convictions, but aren't willing to pay the price.

Bill Lockyer is challenging a measure passed by Congress that would deny family planning grants to agencies that discriminate against abortion opponents in the medical or insurance fields. (But I thought the left was against discrimination -- that's what they always tell us!). Under the measure, California could lose $49 billion for education, health care and other programs.

Why? Because this state has a law that requires health care providers to perform abortions if a woman's health is in immediate jeopardy. And even in non-emergency situations, California's medical workers must provide referrals to an abortionist, even if they themselves decline to perform abortions. (Doesn't this sound a little bit like the "compelled speech" prohibited by the First Amendment?).

Clearly, I disagree with the law -- as I do with so much of the garbage that emanates from Sacramento. But obviously, so long as it's not unconstitutional, it's the legislature's right to pass it. And then it's Congress' right to exercise its spending power in any way it sees fit (just as it did when it threatened to withhold highway money to states that refused to lower their speed limits to 55).

Sometimes, principles have a price. Too bad the liberals in Sacramento always seem all too eager to make a statement -- but then whimper and cry when it's time to pay the price.


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