Carol Platt Liebau: Has Boxer Lost "Respect for the Truth"?

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Has Boxer Lost "Respect for the Truth"?

Just a week after everything but calling Condoleezza Rice a liar outright, Barbara Boxer herself seems confused, to put it charitably.

This morning, 8:34 am Pacific on MSNBC: "I don't believe in mandates. I really think it's very dangerous for people to think they have a mandate."

Last week, in this piece in The New York Times: "The people of California knew exactly what I stood for and said to me, 'Barbara, go and be a truth teller.'" (Well, she's already blown it on that score.)

The Times explicitly noted that she interpreted her sweeping November 2004 victory as a "mandate." It seems so.

Barbara Boxer, living down to our expectations . . . .


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