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Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Veep for McCain

Quin Hillyer outlines the attributes of an ideal McCain veep, and comes up with this oh-so-modest compendium of virtues:

McCain needs a solidly "full-spectrum" conservative, reformist, youngish, cool, well-rounded, brainy, all-media-respected, articulate, telegenic, border-state/constituency-challenging, non-party-weakening, executive-experienced, running mate who can handle the presidency at a moment's notice.

Add to that someone who is an expert when it comes to economic matters -- because Barack's already hitting McCain over the head with McCain's comment about the economy not being his strong suit.

All that, of course, calls Mitt Romney to mind. He has many of the qualities Hillyer lists -- although he's not "all-media-respected" (what Republican is?!). And he's not terribly "cool" -- although it remains to be seen how well the Obama "coolness" continues to play over the long haul. But he may be able to bring Michigan to the Republicans, and has garnered a lot of good will in GOP circles.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And with Mitt on the ticket, John McCain would get more than just a "full-spectrum" conservative. He would get a veep with a "full-spectrum" of political positions on any single issue.

[rim shot]

10:10 PM  

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