Carol Platt Liebau: Last Days of Pompeii?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Last Days of Pompeii?

Thomas DeFrank articulates what everyone is feeling -- a certain "last days" vibe in the Hillary campaign.

Obviously, it's not over 'til it's over. And anyone who knows the Clintons understand that they're not likely to go gracefully, even if it means ripping the Democratic Party asunder.

But there are signs that all is not well in Hillaryland, and two headlines today should be making the campaign particularly unhappy:

"Women 'Falling' for Obama"

"'Super' Latino Slams Clinton"

Obviously, that sounds like Hillary is losing two of the core constituencies upon which she is relying to defeat Obama. The stories might not even be true -- but in politics, as with sports, there's a certain "winner psychology" . . . and it becomes difficult to convince voters, donors and supporters that Hillary's still "in it to win it."

If one wanted to pinpoint a huge contributing factor to Hillary's problems, it might be summed up in this duo of headlines: "Clinton Not Ready to Release Tax Returns" -- and, of course, "Clinton: No Possibility of Scandals".

In a "change" year, it sounds just like back to the future when it comes to the Clintons. If that's not enough, their desperate attacks on Barack Obama have given good liberals the justification they must have wanted all along to abandon Ship Clinton.


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