Carol Platt Liebau: Girls Growing Wilder?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Girls Growing Wilder?

This piece discusses rising trends of risky behaviors among girls -- not focused so much on sex (as in Prude) but rather, when it comes to drinking, smoking, drugs and the rest.

The gals over at Feministing condemn pieces like this for blaming bad behavior on "equality".

But that's actually missing the point. "Equality" isn't the problem. The problem is "equality" as the feminists have envisioned it -- that is, as sameness. For too long, any behavior stereotypically engaged in by men has been deemed to be the standard -- so that when women engage in it, they're just being "liberated" and "empowered."

Rather than themselves urging girls not to behave in ways that conform to the "bad boy" stereotype (and which, objectively, are destructive), feminists instead label those who do so as enemies of female liberation. It's "girl power" run amok.

How silly -- and how wrong. Isn't feminism, and empowerment, supposed to mean something a little better than having the "right" to behave like the worst kind of boys or men?


Blogger Ponds said...

Tuned in Rush the other day and was surprised to hear that his show is being sponsored by some outfit called Pajamagram. They proudly tell Rush's listeners in a seductive voice that theirs' is the "gift that is guaranteed to make girls take their clothes off." Nice to know Rush is supporting 'girls gone wild.'

9:10 PM  

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