Carol Platt Liebau: Going McGovern

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Going McGovern

Bob Novak notes that Hillary Clinton is trying to find a way to identify Barack with the McGovernite wing of the Democratic Party.

Well, there's a problem with that (several problems, to be precise). For one thing, Hillary herself was part of the McGovernite wing of the party back in 1972, at least -- when she organized for him!

The larger difficulty, of course, is that Hillary's negatives are so high already -- and Obama so untouchable in Democratic circles -- that she's having a hard time finding a way to go negative on him. Bill Clinton was supposed to do it, but his supposedly deft political touch and legendary charm deserted him, and he came across as something of a race-baiter.

The Clintons' real problem may be that Democrats have decided that they've simply overstayed their welcome -- and now that there's a very viable alternative to putting up with another Clinton regnant (where, not incidentally, Democrats at all level of government lost support), there's really not much she can do, negative or not, to stop the Obama train.


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