Carol Platt Liebau: Romney's In to Win

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Romney's In to Win

Hugh Hewitt, a self-confessed Romney supporter with a "soft spot for Rudy" argues convincingly that, in effect, a second-place finish for Romney in New Hampshire isn't the beginning of the end -- it's the end of the beginning.

For anyone who's tempted to write Romney off too soon, it's worth asking oneself if there's any other candidate in the race who could unite Republicans as effectively. Is there any other candidate -- in either party -- with a similar history of accomplishment in both the private or the public sector, or are the rest of them pretty much creatures of government, albeit some more impressive than others? Is there any other candidate (except, perhaps, Rudy) who could compete against Obama's youthful charm and formidable intellect? Is there any other candidate with the resources to combat the Democrats' formidable fundraising advantage?

That latter point is one worth making. And don't forget: Unlike the Dem candidate, whoever it turns out to be, Romney is spending money that he himself earned through his own labor. He's willing to put his money where his mouth is . . . and he's able to, in order to run a 50-state campaign. To me, that's impressive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The AP projects Senator John McCain as the winner of New Hampshire, beating the Governor from neighboring Massachusetts. Was I the first to report it?

5:22 PM  
Blogger Righty64 said...

I think that we may have if not a brokered Republican convention, at least one worth watching. The irony is that Mike Huckabee won in Iowa, Mitt Romney in Wyoming and John McCain in New Hampshire. There is no front runner. I think we have all been wrong. And, it should be noted that where Mr. Romney has not won, he came in second, and a strong second tonight. I think that unless a candidate cleans up on February 5ht, this really is a death march to the Republican nomination. And, maybe that would not be a bad thing. Who ever were to come out of that could be a lot stronger than someone who has it all sewn up and is resting on their laurels. I still will say it. Mitt Romney WILL be the Republican nominee for president.

8:01 PM  

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