Carol Platt Liebau: A New Opportunity

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A New Opportunity

For years, the Democratic Party has taken African American support for granted. Now, as this piece notes, black anger over illegal immigration is growing.

There is never any excuse for stoking ethical stereotypes or racial hatred. But there's an argument for Republicans to make that the Democrats have been working so hard to sew up the Latino vote that they've overlooked the very real strains that illegal immigration -- wherever it's from -- has imposed on black communities.


Blogger LQ said...

The problem is that unless Hukabee is the nominee, the GOP won’t make your argument because none of the other nominees care about the black vote. After vacillating for months, I decided on Monday to vote for Hukabee after seeing him at a King Day ceremony, and remembering that he was the only major GOP candidate to appear at a televised debate at a black college a few months ago.

Republican candidates can get more black votes if they seek them. Only Hukabee is seeking them.

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