Carol Platt Liebau: Ready or Not?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ready or Not?

Just a brief comment on this poll -- revealing that more Americans believe the country is ready for a black President than a female one.

No doubt, it could be the "Bradley effect" -- where people overstate their support for a black candidate/president. But it could also be a common sense acknowledgement that skin color makes no difference (a black man is the same as a white man in every relevant way), but gender does (despite what feminists tell us, men and women are not the same).

Whether those gender-based differences justify voting against a female presidential candidate is another debate (I'd trust Margaret Thatcher, after all, before most of the candidates in this year's field, and my objection to Hillary Clinton has nothing to do with her gender). But there are real differences between males and females, and what this poll could reflect, for better or worse, is some discomfort with a woman serving as Commander-in-Chief.


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