Carol Platt Liebau: CBN Interview

Sunday, January 20, 2008

CBN Interview

Here is the video from the CBN interview I taped about Prude when I was in Washington, D.C. last week.

Amusingly, I'm actually wearing my friend's black fleece shirt, because I showed up to the studio in a green jacket. Well, CBN has a "green screen," so if I hadn't changed, it would have looked like I was a little, disembodied head over an invisible or nonexistent body. That would have given a whole new, literal meaning to the term "talking head," wouldn't it?!

All of us need at least one friend to whom they can turn and demand the shirt off her back. I'm lucky to have had mine with me that day, and we simply "swapped tops" until the interview was over.


Blogger Ruth Anne Adams said...

Did you catch their B-roll? Oh my goodness! It looked like it could've been on O'Reilly! Brittney, Lindsay Lohan, suggestive images on a B-roll on CBN?!?!

8:24 PM  

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