Carol Platt Liebau: <i>Prude</i> On the Left Side

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Prude On the Left Side

Just spent a couple hours on Marc Germain's show on KTLK, L.A.'s Air America affiliate. Marc's a great guy, and so is his producer, Lisa (although, of course, I disagree wtih them on just about everything).

Remarkably, there was controversy over Prude -- apparently, there are people out there who aren't particularly troubled by the specter of 12-17 year old girls being sexually active.

Until now, perhaps one of the oddest comments directed at me as I've done media for Prude was the assertion by a host on the BBC (as I discussed here) that I essentially wanted to see young women swathed in burkas. But tonight, a question from a KTLK listener totally blew that one away.

Someone actually called in and wanted to know how I felt about masturbation. Truly. As I remarked in my response, what seemed to underlie the question was an assumption that anyone who advocates sexual restraint for young girls must be fundamentally hostile to sex in general, and sexual pleasure in particular.

How strange. Especially -- as I wish I had pointed out -- that research shows that Christian married women not only are satisfied with their sexuality but are happier in their marriages than American women in general.

In other words, sexual conservatism -- and having standards for sexual behavior -- doesn't equate with a stereotype that many on the left seem to hold of people who believe sex is sinful, dirty or wrong.


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