Carol Platt Liebau: A "Do-Me Feminist" Speaks

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A "Do-Me Feminist" Speaks

Over at The Corner, Kathryn Jean Lopez calls attention to this post on the lefty feminist site "Feministing."

I have, let's see, NO friends that don't have sex with a guy within the first week of dating him. It is a myth that men are more into sex than women in relationships. If anything, from what I have experienced and heard from my friends is it is quite the opposite. But clearly a magazine like this can only function if we believe certain innate things to be true about men and women, so for them, men are horny, control freak, man beasts and women are virginal prudes that must be conquered.

Clearly, sites like "feministing," of course, can only function if they refuse to believe that any "certain innate things [are] true about men and women." This insistence that there are no innate differences between the sexes is, of course, is what makes feminism seem so completely irrelevant and silly to most well-adjusted women. Anyone with eyes to see understands that in some ways, men and women are obviously not the same.

But for the lefty feminist ideology to remain at all coherent, liberal feminists must continue to argue that men and women are the same, especially when it comes to sex. Among the cultural forces I critique for the sex-saturation of teen-girl culture is something termed "do-me feminism" -- the idea that it's somehow empowering and liberating for young girls to act just like the worst stereotypes of sex-obsessed men (being willing to have sex without emotion or commitment, and with anything that moves, for example).

Wouldn't these feminists be doing more for womankind if they instead insisted that women have an equal right to satisfying interactions with the opposite sex, rather than wasting time and energy trying to claim the same right to promiscuous sex?


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