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Monday, December 17, 2007

Loving the First Amendment

Unbelievably, complaints have been brought against Mark Steyn to various "human rights" commissions by Mohamed Elmasry and the Canadian Islamic Congress.

Mark Steyn is one of the most brilliant, talented and articulate writers living today (perhaps ever, for all I know). That this could even be happening is like a 1984-style bad joke.

Since when is it a "human right" to be free from criticism? And since when is it compatible with "human rights" to persecute -- or prosecute -- someone like Steyn simply because he has a different point of view?

Makes one appreciate the First Amendment, doesn't it?


Blogger Dr.D said...

The Bill of Rights, of which the 1st Amendment is a part, is unique to the American system of government. Even in the other "free countries" of the world we do not find freedoms so clearly spelled out, and consequently they are fast being eroded.

We are in danger of having them taken away in the US. Political correctness seeks to abridge the freedom of speech with the institution of "hate speech" crimes. What we have understood in America up until now is that no one has the right no to be offended; that simply is not a right. Anyone can offend anyone else. This leads to some ugly situations at times, but it is a necessary result of freedom of speech. When the PC people seek to define "hate speech" they are making certain types of expression off limits because it is offensive to particular defined groups. There is no end of this, and it is entirely subjective and contrary to the 1st Amendment. It must never be allowed to stand.

Mark Steyn's problems in Canada arise from the fact that Canada has no 1st Amendment, and they do have "hate speech" laws. Canada is much further down the PC road even than the US is, and it is going to destroy them.

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