Carol Platt Liebau: Light Posting b/c of <i>Prude</i> Media!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Light Posting b/c of Prude Media!

The light posting today is because of a second wave of media interest in Prude. I began the day filming a segment for Inside Edition -- which will air tomorrow.

I've completed radio interviews in L.A., and two in Toronto, Canada -- and with the book being released worldwide, I've received requests from the BBC, British television, Scottish radio -- and even radio in Spain!

Posting will be light tomorrow and Thursday, too, as I'm scheduled to head to New York to appear on the The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet on your local Fox affiliate Thursday morning. The schedule got moved forward a bit, so I was scrambling today!

I'll be home on Thursday, but back to posting full steam on Friday morning.


Blogger rickie98 said...

Carol please, you have got to do something about your hair. You look like a 75 year old lady when you could look so much younger with an up to date haircut. Please please please do something about this. I was literally embarrassed for you watching Mike and Juliet this morning.

a concerned viewer

11:01 AM  

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