Carol Platt Liebau: Thompson Tackles Entitlements

Monday, October 29, 2007

Thompson Tackles Entitlements

This piece asserts that Fred Thompson, alone among Republican candidates, has tackled the difficult issue of entitlements.

If that's the case, I'll give him points for bravery . . . but not necessarily for political acumen. Let's put it this way: If the Democrats demagogue social security reform even when they're in the minority and after President Bush was comfortably re-elected and has the bully pulpit, how can Fred Thompson really think that they'll not come after him (should he win the nomination) and charge that he wants to destroy social security and other entitlements?

And given the liberal inclinations of the MSM, does he think that he'll really be able to fight back effectively, during a political campaign? What's more, does he think that entitlement reform is the kind of issue that will send any voters -- other than hard-core fiscal conservatives -- trooping enthusiastically to the polls for a pro-Thompson vote?


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