Carol Platt Liebau: Hillary Wants It Both Ways

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hillary Wants It Both Ways

Dick Polman points out that Hillary Clinton wants to tout herself as having White House experience without being willing to specify exactly what that experience entails -- which she could easily do by making documents and records available for scrutiny.

It's the same point I made here, noting that Hillary wants it both ways . . . to be seen as an experienced White House denizen, without subjecting herself to the examination that such a claim properly entails.


Blogger stackja1945 said...

Carol, this reminds me of the fairy tale:'s_New_Clothes
We must pretend all is correct.

8:47 PM  
Blogger Dr.D said...

Hillary's White House experience is mostly that of living there and then running off with the silver and china when her occupancy ended. I wonder if she intends to bring those things back with her if she should be elected?

7:43 PM  

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