Carol Platt Liebau: Not Bad at All

Friday, October 26, 2007

Not Bad at All

Charles Krauthammer argues convincingly that Republicans have a fine field of presidential candidates.

Responding to those who repeatedly complain that there's no Reagan in the race, he notes that even President Reagan wasn't perfect. Which he wasn't -- although he did win the Cold War, make conservatism respectable again, and inspire the country (not bad, in my view).

The larger point, for those lost in Reagan nostalgia, is that they simply have to get over it. If there were a Ronald Reagan in every presidential field, he wouldn't be the giant that he is. We were lucky to have one of him in a lifetime -- is there anyone who realistically expects to get one every election cycle?

In any case, President Reagan is the last person who would want a bunch of discontented GOP'ers losing heart. He'd want us to get off our duffs and find the best person to keep America safe and free. So let's get to it.


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