Carol Platt Liebau: The Shape of Things to Come?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Shape of Things to Come?

The press has been so busy covering the GOP internecine struggle over the prospect of a Giuliani nomination that the fissues in the Democratic Party have been undercovered.

Here is one example -- the defections among moderate Democrats that resulted in the confirmation of Judge Leslie Southwick, a development that "outraged" the Congressional Black Caucus.

Here's another -- the struggle over doves and less-dovish-doves among Democrats when it comes to foreign policy.

One of the difficulties that comes with majority party status is that the Dems have to govern, and governing can be less unifying than simply standing on the sidelines and carping, as Dems did when Republicans were in charge. But what some of these developments suggest is that, notwithstanding their 2006 victory, the ideological divide in the Democratic Party is every bit as deep as that in the GOP -- maybe deeper. And at least Republicans are largely united on what's shaping up to be one of the biggest issues of 2008, that is, foreign policy.

In contrast, all that ultimately unites the Dems when it comes to national security matters is criticism of President Bush. And he'll be gone . . .


Blogger Cliff said...

This is good news! I have been praying for years that the lib/dem stronghold on this country would crack and break. We finally see the beginnings of that now and maybe their (tempoary) take-over of Congress
will prove once and for all that they DO NOT BELONG IN POWER and should be removed from that power in '08! We have seen nothing but failure and incompetence out of nancy and harry (sounds like a comedy movie.) Watch any of the dem run comittee meetings on C-Span and you will see a circus!

We have seen the dems getting slapped back with the election of Bobby Jindal, and we are witnessing now how truely independent (from the government) Americans react to tragedy, such as we have here in California. No whining, no blaming "Bushie" for their loss, no waiting for the government to step in and fix it. What a contrast to the helplessness and total failure to the dem run government in New Orleans! Busses under water indeed!

9:47 PM  

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