Carol Platt Liebau: A Judge-ment Call

Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Judge-ment Call

This story in Politico has to be troubling for Rudy Giuliani -- it shows that the judges he nominated while Mayor of New York were overwhelmingly liberal.

It's something he's got to get out in front of and explain now. Conservatives have been willing to look on a Giuliani candidacy with a favorable eye -- in large part because he has sent the message that, whatever his own views on social issues, he would nominate judges who will interpret the Constitution, not make law to suit contemporary liberal mores. What conservatives need to know is how he's come to that decision, given his track record in New York City.

There's no denying that Rudy is excellent when it comes to the war on terror -- and that's the biggest plus there is. The problem for Rudy is that -- with at least one other credible candidate in the race who can likewise credibily claim seriousness when it comes to the war (that is, Mitt Romney) -- he has to allay concerns that, when it comes to other topics than the war, he wouldn't be a disaster for conservatives . . . again, because Romney constitutes an attractive and viable alternative.


Blogger Joe said...

The main problem with Giuliani and judges is that he has said Roe is good constitutional law. For me to support him, he will have to explicitly disavow that and say the opposite, at the least. It's not near enough that he says he'll appoint strict constructionists. That label is way too vague and general, and it can be used to cover judges that social conservatives would regard as disasters. He needs to put out a list of specific names of the judges he would consider appointing to the Supreme Court (not a closed-ended list, of course). That would take the guess work out of it for the voters, and it also would take away the wiggle room that might otherwise allow him to appoint a judge like O'Connor or Kennedy.

4:58 PM  
Blogger Marshall Art said...

Rather than sweat the decision over which less than conservative Republican candidate has announced, everyone with a blog should rally support for a real conservative, seeing as how much time there is to get it on before Nov '08. Some are high on Duncan Hunter, for example. The main rap is that no one knows much about him. Those with a soapbox might want to take some time and see who has the right creds and talk him/her up now and keep it up until the wave develops. Money is not a problem since with the internet, donations can come from everywhere and add up fast. All we hear is Romney, Guili and McCain and I'm not sold on any of them.

10:32 PM  

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