Carol Platt Liebau: Too Much "Self-Esteem"?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Too Much "Self-Esteem"?

After living in a culture dominated by a liberal elite -- and a generation of "experts" warning everyone about children's "self esteem" -- is it any wonder that a new study has discovered that some of America's young people may have a "narcissism problem"?

After all, liberals have constructed a world where sports can have no winners or losers, alternate spellings are accepted by teachers who can't use red pens on students' papers lest they hurt children's feelings, and dodge ball is verboten. No matter how unfortunate their behavior or deficient their performance, young people are encouraged to think that they are simply A-OK, no matter what.

And someone's surprised at these results?


Blogger HouseOfSin said...

Carol, you're an attorney. You know the next logical step, don't you?

I'll spell it out anyway. A critical mass of these young-uns are going to file a class-action lawsuit against their parents (boomers and Jonesers I suppose) for not being strict enough on them. Their "not my fault"istic mindset will be - well, not their fault. Thus will be the core of the suit.

What a sorry, sordid mess.

12:29 PM  
Blogger Marshall Art said...

Libs are always surprised by the negative effects of their philosophy. At the same time, they're unable to make the connection, even after having been warned by the other side.

10:51 PM  

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