Carol Platt Liebau: Cutting & Running From Cutting & Running

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cutting & Running From Cutting & Running

The Democrats lack the resolve necessary even to follow through on a political campaign to cut 'n run (thankfully for the country).

The Dem ranks are in disarray because, it seems, they've gotten the clue that, although the American people are "fed up" with the war, it may be that they're primarily "fed up" -- not with fighting -- but with not winning quickly enough.

Perhaps the reality is a bit like this columnist argued in the wake of last November's defeat:

Certainly, contrary to what lefties are claiming, the election wasn’t a referendum on our presence in Iraq. Voters aren’t angry that the United States is trying to secure Iraq and establish a foothold for democracy in the Middle East. Instead, they’re frustrated at a war that, it seems, is being fought with half measures, little discernible forward progress, and an Administration that appears hesitant about presenting a thorough, sure-footed case for our continued presence there or a clear plan for victory.

The Democrats are learning that the mass of the American electorate isn't -- as they'd hoped and believed -- a bunch of faint-hearted, weak-kneed cut 'n runners. In fact, they want to win! (Poll results here and here.)

How pathetic is it that the Democrats are desperate for us to lose the war (restoring, in their minds, their political "glory days" of Vietnam) -- but they can't even agree on the terms of surrender?


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