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Thursday, March 01, 2007

We're So Sorry, Uncle Albert

I've been having a great time guest hosting on St. Louis' 97.1 FM Talk for the past three nights (tonight's my last).

One of the topics that arose during last night's show bears special mention. Apparently, some Missouri legislators are pushing for a formal state apology for slavery, which would make Missouri only the second state in the country to offer such regrets.

Surely everyone agrees that slavery was a terrible and ugly blot on the United States' history, and truly a sin and a crime against both God and man. But it's far from clear that an empty apology -- offered by those who bear no moral culpability whatsoever for slavery -- will really achieve anything. While we're at it, let's just apologize for the 10,000,000 people killed by Stalin . . . because all of us had just as great a role in that.

What's more, there's something both pathetic and objectionable to reading that African-American adults are calling for an apology because it "would send an important message to young blacks who view themselves as second-class citizens." What an awful lesson to teach young people: That their own feelings of self-worth are contingent on an expression of regret that really means nothing. Wouldn't it be better to encourage people to get an education, delay childbearing, get married and stay married -- and hold that up as the way to escape any feelings of inferiority?

Last night, callers suggested that part of the push for an apology might be as a precursor for calls for reparations. Makes sense, doesn't it?


Blogger Marshall Art said...

Makes plenty of sense. Also the notion that libs get a buzz off of such apologies. It strokes their vacuous sensibilities by virtue of the fact that platitudes carry so much weight for them (see Obama). So they put on the sackcloth and pour ashes on their heads and everyone is expected to note just how sincere they are.

And why do those kids view themselves as second class? Aren't there any adults in their communities that teach them anything worthwhile? Those in the black community using that line are purveyors of crap. I'd be more than happy to tell any kid they are equal.

10:39 PM  

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