Carol Platt Liebau: The Islamofascist Threat

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Islamofascist Threat

According to a new poll taken in conjunction with a Fox News special about Islamofascist threats against America and Americans, there is considerable concern in this country about terrorism.

Interesting, then, that we keep hearing about how opposed Americans are to the war in Iraq. That's a giant disconnect, because the same people who are fighting us in Iraq are the ones who would like nothing more than to kill people here -- and they'll have more time to do it if (as Clinton, Obama, Biden and the rest insist) our troops come home and we lose the war.

There are two clear implications from all the information above: Number one, The White House needs to continue to stress the connection between the terror that threatens America and what goes on in Iraq. The second may be that -- in reporting the discontent over the Iraq war -- the MSM may be misinterpreting American frustration with our failure to achieve victory yet as weak-willed discontent with the mission in general.


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