Carol Platt Liebau: Republicans' War Worries

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Republicans' War Worries

So some Republicans are worried that the Iraq war could damage their electoral prospects for a generation.

Hello? The damage will only be done if America loses the war. Amazingly, some Republican senators seem willing to turn on the Administration for its failure to run an error-free war -- rather than treating the American people like grownups and explaining that, unfortunately, mistakes occur in every war, and the proper response is to fix them, rather than to fix blame and then retreat.

Not only are the senators like Hagel, Graham, McCain, Brownback and the rest fatally injuring their own hopes for national office -- they're poisoning the well for many, many Republicans to come. That would be fine if anyone seriously believed that the Democratic alternatives will be better equipped to protect the country . . . but, of course, everyone knows the truth about that.


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