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Friday, February 09, 2007

Different Than First Reported

This morning, the MSM went to town discussing a damning report that purported to show that Douglas Feith manipulated intelligence to bolster the case for war -- in contravention of the "consensus" of the intelligence community.

At face value, of course, the charge is silly. When one examines the pitiful record of America's intelligence agencies (including the failure to foresee the forecast of the Soviet Union and the ignorance about Saddam's nearly-successful efforts to go nuclear before the first Gulf War), the wholescale politicization of the CIA, and, of course, the obsession of the Democrats in trying to find out whether views which "dissented" from the consensus were tolerated, it's amazingly hypocritical for the Dems to target one person who really did "dissent" from the consensus, even if (in their view) in the "wrong" direction.

It quickly becomes clear that all the Dems are doing is looking for a way to try to distance themselves further from the war they approved and authorized. That's especially true given that everyone saw the same intelligence, and drew the same conclusions.

And now, at the top of the article in question is a pretty significant correction, noting that a lot of the most apocalyptic condemnation of Feith's work came not from the Inspector General's report, but from a partisan screed issued by Carl Levin in 2004.


Blogger Earth to Carol said...

Sure sounds like Mr. Feith is another one of those Harvard Neocon war criminals. It also appears he is making a killing on his dirty deeds.

Feith’s private business dealings have also raised eyebrows in Washington. In 1999, his firm Feith & Zell formed an alliance with the Israel-based Zell, Goldberg & Co., which resulted in the creation of the Fandz International Law Group. According to Fandz’s web site, the law group “has recently established a task force dealing with issues and opportunities relating to the war with Iraq. ... and is assisting regional construction and logistics firms to collaborate with contractors from the United States and other coalition countries in implementing infrastructure and other reconstruction projects in Iraq.

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