Carol Platt Liebau: So Much for the "Religious Left"

Thursday, February 08, 2007

So Much for the "Religious Left"

Given that the Edwards campaign has declined to fire two female bloggers even after the discovery of some pretty sordid religious bigotry, is it any wonder that the "religious left" feels marginalized?

Obviously, the Edwards campaign had to choose between two competing constituencies: The very left netroots and the "religious left" -- and decided that it was more central to his electoral chances not to offend the former.

Given the objectively distasteful nature of the bloggers' remarks and the campaign's muted reaction, it's easy to understand why the "religious left" would feel, on some level, that the liberal politicians like Edwards who claim a great interest in reaching out to people of faith are doing so more for political gain than for reasons of conviction.


Blogger Marshall Art said...

I've seen exerpts of some of the comments made by these two self-loathing girls. Pretty sad.

11:18 PM  
Blogger Cavalor Epthith said...

Self loathing? Why Marshall is everyone who does not goose step to your religious tune have to have some fatal flaw? These women spoke their minds Marshall, as is their right and America the last time I checked is not a theocracy. I have made worse comments about the run away nature of Christofascism vice the loving spirit and attributes of Faith. To this demon reporter it seems that the conservatives and the Catholics that did not see the comments for what they were, heated commentary, are really calling the kettle black.

Qu'ul cuda praedex nihil!

2:37 PM  
Blogger Marshall Art said...


Please work on your sentence structure. You're often difficult to understand. But with that said, your Christophobia always shines through. "Christofascism" is a fear-mongering fantasy to people like you and the two unfortunates you defend. Sure. They're free to say whatever drivel seeps from their lips, as are you. The comments to which I referred dealt with a desire to engage in rampant sexual promiscuity as if to make a statement against people of faith. While this would have zero affect on the average Christian, the potential for harming herself is huge from such behavior and the notion that somehow she's demonstrating some noble position by doing so shows and incredible lack of intelligence and character. Rarely do we see a real sense of self-love in people who wallow in the self-gratification of sexual promiscuity.

So I see the comments for what they are, cav. They are cries of sad figures seeking attention. Speaking of which, anyone who revels in calling himself a "demon" reporter obviously suffers from the same malady. May God grant you peace.

5:56 PM  
Blogger Cavalor Epthith said...

I thank you for those wishes of peace and my family as well thank you Marshall.

I doubt my species has much to do with it but if it offends I apologize on behalf of my entire lineage and the Noble House of Epthith.

That said I do not feel anyone should be found wanting or chastised for anything they do sexually with a willing partner of leagal age for consent to sexual activity. This is a hangup of moralists worldwide, they can see patriotic value in the slaughter of people in the name of protecting comfort and privilege through ballistic combat but they revile the intimate act of love for the mutual pleasure of all parties invovled.

This puzzles me, but there are many things about the human species that cause me to shake my head, smile and move on. I think having lots of sex to "get back" at what the two women see as slights from the religious right is less harmful than say buying a shotgun and shooting up churches or worse their congregants as they depart Sunday services.

But that is what the bombers in Birmingham did when blacks sought their civil rights the same ones you enjoy that you feel your Creator anointed your head with. Somehow the blacks did not deserve those rights then like many that "good Christians" now feel are unworthy to breathe their rarified air. I have never made up a story about the short comings of the far right in America because they hoist themselves with their own petards quite often enough to keep this demon reporter busy working on his English sentence structure for many many decades into the foreseeable future. Hellac, being much like Latin makes the transition mentally difficult, but I will take your sage advice on the matter as I see you are quite the grammarian!

Ralph Reed. Ted Haggard. Bob Ney. Ken Lay. Jack Abramoff. David Safavian. Mark Foley. M G Pat Robertson. Each of these are on your side some of them trumpeting the hatred of Islam by calling it "Islamofascism" so fair is fair. You have no proof in your desperate religious quest to be right you only hope and have faith that you are. So grow up a bit and allow some of the light to seep in through the darkness before all the door to that light od reason are shut.

Qu'ul cuda praedex nihil!

9:48 AM  
Blogger The Flomblog said...


You seem to be adept at mixing metaphors. As a non-Christian, I'm Jewish, I am fascinated by the ease with which the irreligious attack the sins of the pseudo-religious, and then blaming those who try and live as G-d would like.

I respect Christianity highly. Without the American version, Cav, many who feel as you do would not have the freedom to be so wrong.

BTW - Jack Abrahamoff proves that even Orthodox Jews can be wrong.

Anyhow -- The Phrase Neocon seems to be the 21st century equivalent of "Your Mother wears Combat Boots". TO paraphrase MA, Shalom Alechem.

2:12 PM  
Blogger Marshall Art said...

Pardon me sir, but you mistake greatly lust and love. Sex is an act of lust. Concern for the damage promiscuity can inflict upon a woman who engages in such is love. Concern for the mental and emotional health of an arrogant windbag who believes himself to be of another species and a "demon" reporter is love. Lust is damaging for the soul, spirit, self-image and last but not least, the body. Those who cannot or refuse to resist the temptations of lust are weak-willed and open for trouble of all sorts. They are untrustworthy and devote far too much attention and value to their own gratification. Not good for a civilized society no matter the theological bent.

You can name all those you can who have fallen short of perfection, all those who have committed crimes and atrocities whilst portraying themselves Christian, and you still wouldn't have a case against the benefits of Judeo-Christian tradition and teachings. It simply isn't possible. Yet, within a Christian society, you've been perfectly free to pretend you're a demon and act as if you're somehow different or detached from the human species. (Do you frequent comic book conventions?)

Now, you are completely misleading by saying you don't make up stories about conservatives, and you end your piece by saying some of the people you've named have trumpeted hatred for Islam by calling it "Islamofascism". The truth is that they have expressed a severe distaste for the behavior of those they have so labeled and they have labeled them so due to their fascistic behavior. You have also made up other stories regarding Bush, his administration, conservatives and others on the right particularly when parroting the baseless accusations regarding the run-up to the war in Iraq.

So considering you enjoy pretending to be that which you are not, I think it best that you take a little time to grow up as well. You might also want to try and study a little and see if you can find any basis for what you believe, and match it against all that exists to support what I believe. Good luck with that.

11:12 PM  

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