Carol Platt Liebau: The Gratuitous Smear of Michelle Malkin

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Gratuitous Smear of Michelle Malkin

This Salon piece discusses the possible firing of two campaign bloggers by the Edwards presidential operation for bigoted comments that clearly cross the line.

What's ridiculous and disgusting about the first linked piece, however, is the gratuitous smear of Michelle Malkin, one of the most talented and effective conservative pundits working today. Malkin has, apparently, played an instrumental role in disclosing the repugnant rhetoric of the two erstwhile-Edwards bloggers. Accordingly, the Salon piece attempts to slime Malkin by noting her links to a group designated as a "hate group" by the ultra-liberal Southern Poverty Law Center (to the SPLC, any conservative group is almost definitionally a "hate group").

Please. Even if it were, how does having unspecified "ties" to a group that leftists dislike somehow equates with making indubitably hate-filled comments oneself?

This, apparently, is what passes for "balance" on the left; by that standard, however, almost every prominent liberal blogger in America would be designated as having "ties" to a hate-group, given the vituperative swill that occupies the space at the most visited left-wing blogs.

Slate owes Michelle Malkin an apology.

(Full disclosure: Amanda Marcotte has criticized me in the past, although not in any way that merits the attention of serious people.)


Blogger The Flomblog said...

Two of the blogs that I read every morning are this on and Michelle Malkin's.

Michelle has that unique ability to walk through life not being tied down by situations over which she has no control, namely her genetic makup. She insteads uses her sharp mind and equally sharp wit to tackle evil.

I have read some of the comments made against this woman and have been disgusted by them. Those who make these comments are -- pardon the term -- slime.

Michelle - keep it up. You have many people who are fans!

7:15 AM  

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