Carol Platt Liebau: Better Speak Up Now

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Better Speak Up Now

The Washington Post notes in an editorial that it's been having difficulty reaching Hillary Clinton to find out if her campaign will disclose the identity of big financial "bundlers" (the sort of people known as "rangers" or "pioneers" in the Bush campaign).

That's right. Not only has Clinton not released the information, she isn't even willing to respond to the Post to say whether or not she will do so in the future.

Why anyone would deem this behavior a big surprise is unfathomable. Hillary Clinton went through her Senate campaigns simply refusing to be interviewed by journalists who might be considered "unfriendlies." She routinely avoids tough questions and tough questioners. The whole point of her "listening tours" is that they eliminate the need to actually say something.

Up until now, at least, she's been able to engage in this behavior with remarkably little criticism or coverage by the press. The Washington Post is smart to speak up now.

After all, if Hillary acts like a queen when she's still vying to be elected, can any of the journalists fathom how hard it would be to extract information from her once she's elected?


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