Carol Platt Liebau: Micromanaging the War to Secure Defeat

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Micromanaging the War to Secure Defeat

That's exactly what Democrats are apparently trying to do. Teddy Kennedy has introduced legislation that would require the President to secure congressional approval before increasing troop levels -- in other words, Kennedy is trying to insert Congress into a core function of the president's constitutional duty as Commander in Chief.

Over in the House, Nancy Pelosi likewise has been busy, hinting that funding might be denied for some of the efforts in Iraq, a la Vietnam (a strategem predicted here some time ago). Harry Reid is dutifully following suit in the Senate.

What a thoroughly pathetic crew. Once again, the Democrats seem not only willing to accept defeat, but proactively eager to seek it. They have no plan whatsoever besides retreat and defeat, and apparently have no qualms about validating Osama Bin Laden's criticism of the US in particular and the West in general as decadent, fat, lazy and unwilling to fight.

No wonder Al Qaeda was so eager to secure a Democratic victory. Makes it easier to fight a jihad, don't you know, when your opponent is panting to retreat.


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