Carol Platt Liebau: The AP's Shoddy Product

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The AP's Shoddy Product

Writing in the Boston Herald, Jules Crittendon outlines all the reasons that the Associated Press should be ashamed. Among them are:

The AP, of course, has been delivering unbalanced reports about U.S. national politics for some time, as when President Bush, whom AP reporters despise, is barely allowed to state his case on an issue before his critics are given twice as much space to pummel him. The AP, once a just-the-facts news delivery service, has lost its rudder. It has become a partisan, anti-American news agency that seeks to undercut a wartime president and American soldiers in the field. It is providing fraudulent, shoddy goods. It doesn’t even recognize it has a problem.

What's more, all the nodding heads and chin-stroking sages who make their livings by earnest critiques of journalistic ethics seem strangely oblivious to the fact that the AP is, in effect, making up war crimes.


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