Carol Platt Liebau: . . . Father to the Thought

Friday, December 01, 2006

. . . Father to the Thought

As the saying goes, perhaps the wish is father to the thought when it comes to this piece on the purported difficulties the Republicans are going to have in winning back control of the Senate in 2008.

The fact is that it's simply too soon for predictions -- after all, it was just last April when sainted liberal icon Paul Krugman was insisting that structural disadvantages would prevent the Dems from taking either the House or Senate in November 2006.

And who would ever have thought that Democrats would win Senate seats in Montana and Virginia, for Pete's sake? Or in Missouri, for that matter (who haven't elected a Democrat to the Senate -- except for Jean Carnahan in the immediate aftermath of her husband's death -- since 1980)?

The Dems and the MSM (not to be redundant) may hope there are problems for the GOP, but if anything, the fact that the Congress is in Democratic hands for the next two years is more likely to help than hurt otherwise embattled Republican incumbents. So will the presidential race emphasizing the fact that the constantly-vilified President Bush is no longer on the ballot.


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