Carol Platt Liebau: Judging Their Clothes By Her Friends

Friday, December 01, 2006

Judging Their Clothes By Her Friends

After her mash note to Nancy Pelosi, The Washington Post's Robin Givhan is at it again.

This time, the object of her sartorial ectasies is the Rev. Al Sharpton. She praises his vest (in one outfit) as "reminiscent of old-fashioned decorum." She likewise praises another conservative choice -- a dark suit:

A man's dark suit is the surest way to convey propriety. It acknowledges the accepted code of conduct and gives a nod to the status quo.

Funny,when Republicans wear traditional clothes, it's just not a good thing. When it came to Chief Justice Roberts' family, Givhan criticized the "nostalgic costuming of the children, [where] the overall effect was of self-consciously crafted perfection." According to Givhan, the children's clothes "are not classic; they are old-fashioned. These clothes are Old World, old money and a cut above the light-up/shoe-buying hoi polloi."

Bottom line: If Givhan likes you, your clothes look good. If she doesn't, they don't. The acid test? She actually claims that an absolutely horrible butterscotch colored suit worn by Sharpton to a City Hall photo op made him look like "a peacock of moral clarity."


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