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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rutten on Gibson

The LA Times' Tim Rutten has a lot of nasty things to say about Mel Gibson.

Make no mistake . . . Gibson's remarks were repugnant, unpardonable and wrong. But what's so interesting about liberals like Rutten is that they're totally unforgiving when it comes to someone like Gibson. At the same time, they are perfectly OK with the UN's policy of endless dialogue, and welcome the opportunity to hear from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when he's in the country, just as they advocated continued weapons negotiations/inspections for Saddm Hussein -- even though both are even more virulently anti-semitic than Gibson.

What, exactly, have people like Hussein and Ahmadinejad done to continually merit the "second chance" that -- it seems pretty evident -- Rutten's unwilling to give Gibson?


Blogger Cliff said...

Carol asks."What, exactly, have people like Hussein and Ahmadinejad done to continually merit the "second chance" that -it seems pretty evident - Rutten's unwilling to give Gibson? "

I believe that the answer is simple. Although Mel Gibson isn't perfect with this, he does promote Christian values as in, "The Passion of Christ" Western elitists
hate Christianity!

8:40 AM  
Blogger Marshall Art said...

What really galls me, and I just heard this nonsense from Geraldo the other night on O'Reilly, is this notion that being drunk means you are incapable of thinking. In other words, because Mel said anti-semetic things, he must believe that, because by gosh, if he didn't feel that way, he wouldn't have said it when he was drunk. Booze ain't no truth serum. It may make you feel bolder and likely to say anything, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you believe at all what you say. If you want to be a jerk, and you're already drunk, you'll pick up on the first thing that you think will offend the best. If Mel thought the cop was a Jew (a I believe I heard that the cop was a Jew), then to disparage him with anti-semetic remarks is the most likely tactic a drunk will use. Even sober, if one is truly pissed at another, one is likely to use whatever one feels is the most insulting or offensive remark one can think of. In other words, "I think the cop is Jewish. I know, I'll call him a kyke just to piss him off. That'll get him!" It doesn't mean the drunk is anti-semetic, just a jerk who has a plan for offending people. This is not to say that Gibson ISN'T anti-semetic. He may very well be, though I doubt it. I'm just tired of this "drunks don't lie" garbage. It just isn't true for everyone, and I doubt it's the case with most. In Mel's case, they WANT him to be anti-semetic, and this line of reasoning supports that. Am I a fan of Gibson? Heck yeah. But he's just another flawed human being with a drinking problem. That's bad enough. Most likely, that's harder to overcome than any bigotry. The concern should be there.

10:06 PM  

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