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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Just Not Getting It

Happened to see lefty Al Hunt interviewing ABC News political director Mark Halperin (son of Clinton appointee and Soros sidekick Morton Halperon) this morning on Bloomberg television.

Here's what ABC News' political director had to say about the rise of talk radio and blogs:

Old media organizations like mine, or the Washington Post or The New York Times, their mission is confused, their economic viability -- their economic models -- are confused -- and that has opened the way -- because of our decline in new technology -- for things like talk radio and the internet to create a lowest common denominator and to infect our coverage. It isn't good for democracy but it's hard to see a change.

Al Hunt then responded We do believe in accuracy and accountability.

Talk about a drive-by sliming. Between the two of them, Halperin and Hunt accused new media of (1) catering to the lowest common denominator, (2) injuring democracy and (3) not caring about accuracy and accountability.

How clueless can one be? They'd do well to check out the stats, for example, that talk radio listeners tend to be better informed than the general public when it comes to political matters. Some lowest common denominator.

What's more, Halperin completely misunderstands the reasons for the rise of the new media. "The decline in new technology" (whatever that means -- presumably for the old media) has little, if anything, to do with the rise of new media. Talk radio and the blogs took off because the condescending, self-satisfied members of old media lean openly to the left, often refuse to cover stories that conflict with their ideological biases, and basically ignored half of their potential audience . . . i.e., conservatives.


Blogger dodger said...

I have often wondered why a media outlet would ignore and/or offend a large segment of their potential customers. I suppose they would argue that they are not driven by market forces, rather the pure objectivity of reporting.

It seems so easy to be objective. For example, "Chief, hold the presses, I just talked to Representative blah blah. He/she says the Iraq war is a misguided adventure. He/she declined to explain further."

"My child, let me explain journalism to you. You ask for more. Who, what, where, when, why. Then you have a story for me."

"Chief, hold the presses, I just talked further with Representative blah blah. He says Bush (who) is (when) at war (what) with the nation of Iraq (where) because of oil (why)."

"Very good, my son, now we will edit the story. Here is the headline, REPRESENTATIVE BLAH BLAH BELIEVES BUSH AT WAR WITH IRAQ. Here is the story: A coalition of international countries, led by the United States, not Bush, is at war with terrorists, not the nation of Iraq, because the former leader of Iraq was a terrorist who funded terrorists with oil money obtained from other international countries who declined to be part of the coalition."

Now, that's journalism.

1:25 PM  
Blogger Cliff said...

The "Old Media" is only afraid of one thing, and that is loosing their grip and power to propagandize and control the minds and actions of their consumers. Their base is slipping away and they're desporately trying to keep it, but to no avail.

9:05 AM  
Blogger Marshall Art said...

Like most libs, the old media believes they know better what is good for the country. In their case, what is good for the country to know and think. Thanks for nothing. Just tell me what's happening and I'll draw my own conclusions.

10:12 PM  

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