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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Just Observing . . .

This piece is trying to up the sense of panic for Republicans and reassure Democrats, by pointing out that the NRSC is shepherding its money toward the incumbents who show the best chance of winning on Election Day.

That's pretty standard strategy, isn't it? But what's also worth pointing out is that one of the senators on the projected "loss" list is Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island. One hesitates to second guess . . . but it seems to me that the NRSC would have been able to attract more donations -- and would, in general, have more good will and more money on hand -- had it not spent to defeat a conservative in the Rhode Island primary. At the moment, it seems that the ill will the NRSC generated by its intervention hasn't secured an ultimate result that's any different than what would, we're told, have happened if Chafee's primary opponent had won.


Blogger dodger said...

So, it seems, Republicans who pulled the ballot lever for Chafee are guilty of the same sin that voters commit when they pull the ballot lever for Kennedy.

8:52 AM  

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