Carol Platt Liebau: Those Mean Old Republicans

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Those Mean Old Republicans

The Washington Post appears shocked, shocked! that Republicans will use (gasp!) opposition research for the upcoming elections.

Well, that's hardly news. Of course they will . . . as will the Democrats, some of whom have gone well beyond the pale in their efforts.

The point is that, for all the tsk-tsking that's regularly visited on opposition research, it's an important component in keeping the electorate informed about the true positions and past deeds of candidates on both sides of the aisle, assuming, of course, that it's accurate.

In my view, those who lean left have always been more opposed to paid negative advertising than Republicans are . . . but that's because Democrats have long been able to count on the MSM to highlight Republicans' negatives, where Republicans haven't been able to count on the same coverage of Democrats when it would be in their favor.


Blogger Cliff said...

If we can put up their Stalinist censorship tactics, they can put up with our opposition research!

3:38 PM  
Blogger dodger said...

You have to love Dick Cheney. Tim Russert asked if Cheney thought the use of money to run negative attack ads was appropriate.

Cheney: The other side does, I certainly hope our guys do as well.

We need more of this. Hey, you guys are using coercive tactics to obtain information from prisoners at Gitmo.

Response: I certainly hope so.

I keep hearing, from guys like Kerry, that we need to withdraw from Iraq and concentrate on changing radical ideology.

Hey, if a guy just punched me in the nose, for no good reason, I know exactly what to do to change his ideology.

9:19 AM  

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