Carol Platt Liebau: Thank Heavens For Men

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Thank Heavens For Men

So new research has shown that men more aggressively protect their interests in the face of adversity than women do; researchers have concluded that this behavior explains why men are more likely to lead and fight and support wars.

Obviously, there are lots of poeple who are going to "tsk tsk" over what's being called the "male warrior effect." And of course, unqualified aggression is a terrible thing. But for my part, I'm grateful that there are men who are willing, maybe even eager, to fight and die to protect America.

And I support the war wholeheartedly . . . if that's not typically "feminine," well, that's okay with me.


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Blogger Editor said...

So when is Mr. Liebau going to Iraq to fight and become a real man?

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