Carol Platt Liebau: Voice of the Netroots

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Voice of the Netroots

This piece in Rolling Stone comes across like a primal scream emanating from the lefty netroots. Of course, the author's got a point: Some of the party representatives like Rahm Emmanuel do sound condescending.

But what's entertaining is the lefties' efforts to transform guys like Emmanuel -- pretty down the road liberal -- into DLC devotees. Where the division really comes is between proud leftists (who aren't afraid to proclaim their radical principles loud and clear) and the political liberals (who stand for many of the same things, but know enough to understand they're political suicide if the middle understands that).

As a Republican, just pull up a chair, pop up the corn, and enjoy. The netroots lefties seem to embrace the idea of a Democratic Party schism; why shouldn't we?


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