Carol Platt Liebau: More on Hillary and the War

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More on Hillary and the War

Here's an interesting analysis of Hillary Clinton's political position in light of Lieberman's defeat and the increasingly radical anti-war attitudes of the Democrats.

Some Democrats are trying to convince themselves that pro-war Democrats aren't at risk -- that Lieberman was a unique case because he was perceived as a defender of the Bush Administration. Obviously, Hillary's making sure that the same can't be said of her.

But just because that may be the spirit in which the netroots targeted Lieberman, that doesn't necessarily mean that's where the netroots' reach will end. In fact, Lieberman's defeat has likely encouraged the netroots, and may feed the anti-war fire enough that it will start creeping toward the Democrats who have supported the war at any time and haven't yet apologized for it. That group includes Hillary.

What's more, the entire episode only highlights something that neither side (lierbals nor conservatives) particularly admires about her -- her efforts at "triangulation," which feeds the perception that her primary political value is, simply, winning. And the clumsiness and transparency of the effort doesn't win her many points either.


Blogger Editor said...

Hillary can easily lay Bush's failed policies on Bush, the decider's desk where they belong. She has the intelligence, the money and the media coverage to do it very quickly.

8:42 AM  
Blogger COPioneer said...

But she wouldn't touch Bill Clinton's failed policies? Is that the definition of a hypocrite?

Her character is not good. Plain and simple. The Clintons are among the smartest people in the country, simply because they are smart enough to fool thousands of people into voting for them.

8:51 AM  

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