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Friday, February 10, 2006

Perhaps the Wish is Father To the Thought . . .

How they wish . . . The NY Times today runs a story titled "Conservatives Unsettled About Movement's Future." Of course, we've heard this before (here, for example, in January of 2004, before Republicans unified en masse for the re-election of George W. Bush, despite the much-touted "unity" of the Democrats).

The point is this: Conservatives need to reform the spending, and remember that they're supposed to be the party of small government. Likewise, some kind of understanding must be reached on illegal immigration (for the reasons why, see here and here).

But there's something amusingly short-sighted about the NY Times focusing on supposed conservative disunity when the competition is a party that can't reach either substantive consensus on the most important issue of the day -- the war -- or procedural consensus, as was demonstrated during the recent Alito "flopibuster".

This kind of MSM coverage explains a lot about why Democrats awaken so disappointed after every Election Day. They've been relying on stories like this one, believing that the Republicans are midway to meltdown, and that victory is nigh. Because the MSM does such a poor job of understanding, much less convering, mainstream red state America, they've never a clue of what's really going on.

Conversely, conservatives tend to underestimate their power and success, which explains some of the frustrating congressional timidity at times -- but it's a lot b etter than living in a NY Times/liberal/Democrat "but everyone we know agrees with us" bubble.


Blogger stickman said...

I think there are two reasons we see this kind of "wishful thinking" journalism on a consistent basis.

First, liberalism's ideological underpinning consists of beliefs which are constantly assaulted by daily events. Example: "tax cuts will harm the economy". In order to sustain these beliefs, constant "wishful thinking" journalistic reassurances are required, not to mention a great degree of revisionist history once said tenet is completely disproved by events.

Secondly, liberalism's warped world-view has been promoted and sustained by the main-stream media for years. The notion that the media no longer has the power to do so is just one more obstacle the left believes can be overcome by..... journalism's power to persuade.

What we are witnessing is so ugly, and so surreal, because their golden goose is still laying eggs, and it has become obvious to everyone but liberals that all the eggs are stillborn.

8:05 AM  

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