Carol Platt Liebau: "Slow and Cautious"? Compared to What?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

"Slow and Cautious"? Compared to What?

This story about the Danish reaction to the cartoon furor, from the International Herald-Tribune, is revealing.

Note this sentence: "But the prime minister avoided criticizing the Bush administration for its slow and cautious defense of an ally" ("slow and cautious" is apparently the newspaper's own bit of editorializing).

Then contrast that with this illuminating quote from today's LA Times:

"A lot of Danes have problems understanding what is going on and why people in those countries reacted this way," said Morton Rixen, a philosophy student, looking out his window at a city awhirl in angst and snow. "We're used to seeing American flags and pictures of George Bush being burned, but we've always seen ourselves as a more tolerant nation. We're in shock to now be in the center of this."

Sounds to me that if anything has been "slow and cautious," it's the "tolerant nation[s]" that are all too willing to put up with anti-Americanism, but then scream like stuck pigs when they're the ones under attack. Then, it seems, the US is expected to be "johnny on the spot" to stand up for the "tolerant nation" that was all too happy to see hatred of America flourish.


Blogger stackja1945 said...

People who get up on soapboxes need a policeman to keep the crowd under control when tempers fray.

3:31 AM  
Blogger HouseOfSin said...

If I may respectfully -- very, very respectfully (and slowly and cautiously) -- point out a silver lining --

A problem we are hearing that the US has for military action against Iran (if it comes to that) is it supposedly would widen the existing chasm between US and European relations. That was certainly the case with Iraq, 2003.

It is NOT 2003. Many grotesque things have happened in Europe, to Europeans, since the invasion of Iraq. Maybe this is wishful, but possibly the hideous attacks in Europe will inspire greater solidarity with US and Europe with action against Iran (again, if it comes to that).

7:03 AM  
Blogger Orphan in Bama said...

The comments from the Dane are a sad commentary of the present mind set of the Europeans. The two WW's depleted the population of the various European Nations, so in order to function economically, they reached out to the undeveloped countries for help. The help came, but the Europeans forgot to tell them the rules of the house, and by and large, failed to integrate them into society. So, instead of moving to a new country, the immigrants merely brought their country with them.

We are seeing the result of those singular actions and it has zero to do with "tolerance". If you invite a stranger into your house for a long stay and do not inform him of the house rules, he will be a stranger as long as he is there.

I remember the old R&R song about the snake, somehow.


6:41 PM  

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