Carol Platt Liebau: Squandered Potential for Good

Friday, February 10, 2006

Squandered Potential for Good

In this story, President George H.W. Bush praises President Clinton's relationship with the black community, saying, "I thought President Clinton was maybe the best. It was his crowd. They talk about Bill Clinton being 'the first black president,' well when you walk into that church with 12,000 or whatever it was, I mean it was very clear who that crowd loved and respected."

What a shame. If Bill Clinton had more moral fiber, imagine all the good he could do, working off the speech he delivered back on MLK Day in 1993. He is respected in the black community, and could be an enormous force for positive change.

Unfortunately, it isn't in him. And it's more important to both him and Hillary to see her as President. Just about says it all.


Blogger stickman said...

Anyone who aids the cause of keeping the black community held within the debilitating embrace of victimhood, is doing them no good, and that's what Bill Clinton did.

I wouldn't want to be a black parent, attempting to instill winning attitudes (no excuses and individual responsibility) in my children when they have this destructive crutch thrust at them on a daily basis, BY EVERYBODY ELSE.

This is precisely what Bill Cosby was so angry about.

2:18 PM  

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