Carol Platt Liebau: Two Smart Pundits, Two Different Views

Friday, January 20, 2006

Two Smart Pundits, Two Different Views

Both Real Clear Politics' John McIntyre and John Podhoretz are very smart conservative pundits.

Interestingly, they come to opposite conclusions about the impact of Hillary Clinton's "plantation" remark. McIntyre thinks it was a potentially disastrous mistake; Podhoretz believes there was method behind the seeming madness.

One point about McIntyre's analysis:

The more we see of Monday’s Hillary Clinton, the more I return to the analysis that her chances of winning in a general election are low (without a significant third party candidate) simply because she probably starts with 40% of the voting public saying ‘NO.’

This seems highly plausible to me. But note the important qualification -- "without a significant third party candidate." That's key, and that's why the Republicans have to be very, very careful about how they handle the illegal immigration issue. The last thing they need is a third party Tancredo-type popping up to throw New Mexico and other close states to someone like Hillary Clinton.


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