Carol Platt Liebau: The Death of Borking?

Friday, January 13, 2006

The Death of Borking?

Daniel Henninger believes that when the Concerned Alumni of Princeton papers came up with nary a mention of Sam Alito, it marked the end of the era of Borking -- or at least of effective Borking.

I'm not so sure. Democrats will continue to "Bork" until they have some other, more effective way to defeat Republican nominees, and as Mr. Henninger himself points out, their lack of aptitude at both con law and interrogation seems to suggest that day is nowhere near.

Until then, every fair-minded person will simply have to hope that other nominees are like Sam Alito -- in that there are so indisputably personally and professionally qualified (and the trumped up charges against them so patently false) that the attempted Borking is revealed for the pathetic maneuver that it is.


Blogger Dan M said...

All of us have to agree that the victory that the Dems scored over Bork, far transcended Bork himself. In the aftermath of that smear job, Originalism and Tranditionalism takes of our courts and Constitution entered the closet. And was confined to high level discussions at forums like the Federalist Society. For 20 years, TWENTY FULL YEARS, the GOP embraced a sad and squalid strategy of Constitutional stealth. We went from Bork, to Douglas Ginsburg, then Kennedy, {Thomas, a momentary departure from a dispiriting trend}, then Souter, {the most abysmal selection in the history of the GOP, [OTHER THAN BRENNAN, of course]}. Souter was followed by Roberts, of whom we know very little, who was followed by the selection of one of the greatest Constitutional incompetents, Harriet Meirs. Meirs, a crony, careerist with connections, we almost put up on the Court, ALL BECAUSE OF THE IDEOLOGICAL DEATHGRIP THAT THE DEMS STILL HAD OVER US.

The selection of Meirs would have confirmed a dreadful trend, and but for Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, and a few others, we would never have enjoyed this wonderful, AND LIBERATING VICTORY of Sam Alito.

This isn't simply a victory, this is a breakout of a deathgrip that Senate Democrats have maintained on the Supreme Court.

This is one of the seminal political events of our times.

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