Carol Platt Liebau: Thanks for nothing, Senator Allen

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thanks for nothing, Senator Allen

What could have compelled Senator George Allen -- Virginia senator and putative presidential candidate -- to have weighed in on the Cindy Sheehan matter, effectively second-guessing the President?

He, Senator Allen informs us, would have met with Sheehan. Is he unaware that President Bush has, in fact, already done so?

Whatever the merits of Allen's position (or lack thereof!), his venturing into this thicket doesn't, in my book, speak very highly for his political skills. He's not going to win any friends on the left with his goody-goody advice -- and he may well alienate some among conservatives who don't understand why he feels compelled to try to advise/criticize/one-up the President. People like me, for example . . .


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Blogger Ruth Anne Adams said...

Hey, Carol:
Who let in the shills?

5:08 AM  

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