Carol Platt Liebau: Selective Immigration Outrage

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Selective Immigration Outrage

Extremist, bigoted anti-immigration behavior is never acceptable. But "discussions" like this one by Ruben Navarette are, frankly, getting old.

It seems to me that Americans should be allowed to have strong opinions about the problems spawned by illegal immigration without being presumptively deemed racist or intolerant. And Navarette's argument -- that there would be no illegal immigration without employers to hire the illegal aliens -- is simply wrong.

Of course, many illegal immigrants come to this country seeking nothing more than a job; others, however, come looking for health benefits and other government subsidies. Given the hopelessness of their lot in some other countries, their desperation is understandable, but that doesn't make it any less burdensome (here is a piece I wrote on this topic and its political ramifications).

Nor is Latino/Hispanic opinion monolithic.

At any rate, Navarette's outrage is a bit selective. Where is his indignation about this travesty? As long as injustice like this is perpetuated, people will be angry . . . and -- at least about a brave Texan Marine who served overseas being denied "in state tuition" offered to illegal immigrants -- rightly so.


Blogger Poison Pero said...

I admit to being a radical when it comes to immigration policy.

I live in Phoenix, AZ...By the way.

I work in the health care field, and have seen what uncontrolled immigration has done to our hospitals, and health care in general.

I also have a daughter in the public school system......There has been at least 1 non-English speaking child in her classroom every year she's been in school.

I have no problem with these children, but do have a problem with the amount of time they take away from the rest of the children.......The teachers in my child's school claim they spend at least 10% of their day repeating their instruction to these children.

That's 10% less for the other kids in the class..........And they are dealing with this on a constant daily basis.
I admit I'm sick of it. And I'm sick of the excuses from both parties.

Show me a system that will work and I say do it.......But I wish they'd both cut the lip-service, and posturing.

10:03 PM  
Blogger oolichan said...

I am absolutely FED UP with politicians pandering to illegal immigrants. There is a very big and very obvious difference between a legal and an illegal immigrant. These illegal immigrants are openly and quite brazenly breaking our country's laws...AND they demand to have rights to American citzenship!!!! ENFORCE OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS NOW. Illegal imnmigrants should be immediately sent home to their source country and be REQUIRED to apply for a legal entry visa just like everyone ifs and or buts, THAT'S THE LAW. Giving in to their mass demonstrations is only political shortsightedness and will only encourage further illegal immigration when it is evident that any illegal alien who sneaks into our country can get away with it if they lie low enough for a few years because our Government will eventually cave in and give them some sort of amnesty in return for perceived future votes. UNBELIEVABLE! I appeal to all of our politicians: You MUST do what is right for our country IT IS YOUR SOLEMN DUTY: Enforce our immigration laws and deport ALL illegal aliens regardless of the political implications for you or your political party, either now or in the future. Please do not defy the will of the American people; I am referring to legitimate American citizens and legal permanent residents...NOT illegal aliens. We must do whatever is necessary to enforce and beef up our immigration laws and our border security. If we lack low wage illegal labor to cut our grass and pick our vegetables, then so be it! I'd MUCH rather pay higher prices for those things than have my hard earned tax money pay for the soaring education and health care costs resulting from an exploding population of illegal immigrants and their children. There is no other country in the world I can think of that would stand for their outrageous behaviour in the streets of our cities. Do you think for one moment that even Mexico would put up with this kind of brazen behaviour from illegal American immigrants for example? NOT A CHANCE! Enforce our country's laws NOW.

5:14 PM  

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